Woman's cotton decoration complaint goes viral

Texas woman calls Hobby Lobby's fall cotton plant decor 'wrong on so many levels' in viral post

A Texas woman's complaint about a Hobby Lobby display has sparked an impassioned discussion online.

The Killeen's Daniell Rider has written in her comment on the Facebook, saying that "This decor is WRONG on SO many levels".

A woman's complaint that a decoration piece featuring raw cotton was racially insensitive, has gone viral.

A woman's photo post to Hobby Lobby's Facebook page last week has been shared and commented on tens of thousands of times. A commodity which was gained at the expense of African-American slaves.

The picture of a few vases containing cotton stalks sitting on a shelf and angry, humorous and a few supportive comments have been shared nearly 16,000 times with 170,000 reactions. A little sensitivity goes a long way. "They picked cotton. Aaaaaaaaaand I'm not offended". As of Monday afternoon, September 18, there was not a formal response from Hobby Lobby. "I will not allow (raw) cotton or statues for that matter, have any type of effect, especially a negative one, on my life".

People were quick to come to the defense of Hobby Lobby's display.



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