Woman forced to deliver baby after boyfriend sets her on fire

Andrea Grinage

Grinage has stated to police that her boyfriend threw flammable liquid on her and set her on fire inside her apartment.

Andrea later gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Journey Aleah.

Officers in Prince George's County responded to a fire around 11:45 a.m. Friday when they found Andrea Grinage covered in critical burns all over her body, NBC Washington Reported.

Andrea Grinage was able to tell investigators who had attacked her, and said that she suspected he was headed to Washington DC to attack other members of her family.

"She was very fearless". A medical emergency crew rushed Grinage to the hospital where she then delivered the baby.

Arthur Grinage Sr. said, "Everything was lost in the fire and she must begin a new with your help".

According to Prince George's County police spokeswoman, Jennifer Donelan, the badly injured victim managed to call 911 and get help before it was too late. "We want her family to know how courageous she was - suffering as badly as she was, critically burned, anxious about her unborn child, dealing with those injuries, and was able to share the information with us", Donelan said. As for the boyfriend, he was taken into police custody.

"Within 2-and-a-half hours of that frightful scene here, we had that suspect in custody", Donelan said in front of the Capitol Heights apartment where the woman lived. Mother and baby are both recovering. Her boyfriend is said to have an immature attitude towards fatherhood.

The suspect, whose name is unknown at this time, turned himself in while in Washington, D.C. Charges are now pending.

"He's a coward. He's less than a man. Walk away if you don't want the responsibility".

"We're waiting for her strength to gather up so she can go to surgery", Grinage said Monday of his daughter.



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