Virginia woman recovering from copperhead bite at restaurant

When an emergency crew arrived to the scene they confirmed the snake was the venomous copperhead

A simple night out at a restaurant with family and friends nearly turned into a near death experience for a Virginia woman.

Rachel Myrick said she went to Longhorn Steakhouse on Tuesday, September 12, for dinner with family and as she walked in, she felt something on her foot.

Her first thought was that she'd been stung by a bee or a hornet, she told the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star. She said she and her family had gone to the restaurant September 12 when as she was walking into the entrance, she felt a sharp pain in her foot and shrugged it off. "My fingers wrapped around the bottom of my foot; that's when I felt what turned out to be a snake wiggling in my fingers", the mother of two tells WTOP.

Myrick was in the restaurant's foyer when the roughly 8-inch-long snake struck, biting her three times in the foot and toes. He then called 911 and told police that his girlfriend had been bitten by a copperhead, a poisonous snake.

Her boyfriend and son quickly stomped on the snake to kill it, before the restaurant manager was alerted and Myrick was rushed to the hospital.

The recovery process will take three months and she said she's just trying to stay positive. Photo: Courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsMyrick was the 19th snakebite victim of the year at Mary Washington Hospital and it wasn't a surprise that a copperhead snake was the culprit as they are the most common and least toxic venomous snake in Virginia.

The bite and treatment have severely limited her mobility for the moment, and she said she is still in a considerable amount of pain. "There's very little that I can do". She said she yelled, "I got bit!" A LongHorn spokesperson calls the incident "highly unusual" and says the chain is "taking steps to prevent it from happening again".

It was a copperhead snake!

As for how the copperhead got in the restaurant's foyer, Robinson said they are still investigating.



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