USA stealth fighter jets, bombers fly over Korean peninsula

A North Korean missile launch

US Senator Cory Gardner, the chairman of US Senate's East Asia subcommittee said that North Korean citizens must be aware of the catalyst behind their current situation.

South Korea said Trump's speech showed a "firm and specific stance".

For Japan, the timing is wrong given the military bellicose nature of North Korea.

Equally disturbing is the rhetoric of North Korea that is threatening to destroy Japan.

Taiwan's measure is aimed at "denouncing North Korea's recent successive nuclear tests and actions that jeopardise regional security", the economics ministry said in a statement.

The effectiveness of the sanctions depends largely on whether China, North Korea's ally and main economic partner, will fully implement them.

"With those words, President Trump handed the Kim regime the soundbite of the century".

"CNN: "Japan split over how to deal with North Korean missile launches - "... underneath the calm exterior, Friday's launch has widened a growing fault line in the ideological war over how Japan should deal with the North Korean threat to the region".

For the 15 years since then Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi made a historic visit to North Korea, little substantive progress has been made on the nation's efforts to bring back Japanese nationals abducted by North Korean agents.

Kim had told his top officials that the goal of Pyongyang's efforts "is to establish the equilibrium of real force with the U.S. and make the USA rulers dare not talk about military option", according to the nation's state media. It also said that the goal of the new United Nations sanctions, approved on 11 September, was to physically exterminate the country's people, system and government.

While US officials have long said the military maintains a full range of options for dealing with North Korea, the notion of shooting down a missile has largely centered on conducting an operation if the missile were to directly threaten the US or its allies.

Since the US sanctions were imposed on IPC, all North Korean vessels that had been in Vladivostok port have left, Reuters reported. Three months later, North Korea conducted its first nuclear test.

Officials in Tokyo, meanwhile, welcomed a reference by Trump to North Korea's abduction of Japanese citizens in the 1970s and '80s. "We have to find other levers, and I don't even think we're looking for those right now".

To complement the United Nations measures, Taiwan said it would suspend liquefied natural gas, crude oil, and refined oil product exports to North Korea with effect from Tuesday, the economics ministry said in a statement.

Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon hosted an interagency meeting to review Seoul's aid plan for infants and pregnant women in North Korea, according to the ministry.

Despite Cho's claims, there are voices both in and out of South Korea expressing concern and skepticism towards Seoul's decision. But the liberal-leaning government of President Moon Jae-in said it has no intention of requesting that the US bring back such weapons. It stands to reason that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe criticised Pyongyang's act, saying: "We can not tolerate it". "It makes American threats far less efficient", he said.



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