United States Bombers Fly Near To North Korea's Coast

North Korea accuses Trump of declaring war

Earlier this week Trump stoked up tensions with Kim Jong-un as he sent a US Navy carrier strike group steaming towards North Korea.

Several US military aircraft flew close to North Korea this weekend in a dramatic show of force to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

He noted that with Mr Trump and United States allies making "unprecedented and unceasing military threats" against North Korea, its leader Kim Jong Un "now wants to ensure his political and personal survival and the only way is to come up with an effective nuclear missile as quickly as possible". "We are prepared to use the full range of military capabilities to defend the USA homeland and our allies", White said.

In his controversial speech, he referred to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as "rocket man", and threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea if the United States was forced to defend itself.

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho took things further.

NORTH Korea has released fake snaps of a United States bomber and warship under attack as tensions between the countries continue to grow.

Tensions are escalating so quickly that when an 3.5 magnitude natural disaster was detected in northern North Korea on Saturday night in the vicinity of a nuclear test site, it briefly aroused suspicions that North Korea had conducted another underground nuclear test.

The agency said the quake occurred around Kilju in north-eastern North Korea, about 20 kilometres south-east of the site of a nuclear test earlier this month.

In the Saturday rally, Ri Il-bae, a commanding officer of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards, said North Korea was ready to remove the evil US empire from the globe.

The Pentagon says B-1B bombers from Guam and F-15 fighter escorts from Okinawa, Japan, have flown a mission in worldwide airspace over the waters east of North Korea.

On Sunday morning, Pyongyang staged a major anti-U.S. rally, with the country's state-run television KRT airing a video showing tens of thousands of people attending a rally at Kim Il Sung square in the capital.

"They realize if they did that - with US air superiority having sent fighters along with - they would not have done very well". Trump said on Twitter.

"North Korea's nuclear weapons and missile development is a grave threat to peace and security in our world and it is unacceptable that others financially support this criminal, rogue regime", Trump said as he joined Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Moon Jae-in for a meeting in NY.

The moves follow the adoption of a unanimous UN Security Council agreement on sanctions after the isolated North conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on September 3.

China's ambassador to the USA has called on Washington to stop making continuous threats over North Korea and "do more" to build bridges of understanding and negotiation instead.

"'President Evil' is holding the seat of the US president", Ri said, warning that Pyongyang was ready to defend itself if the United States showed any sign of conducting a "decapitating operation on our headquarters or military attack against our country".



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