United Nations to mull North Korean oil embargo but veto likely

USA envoy to the UN Nikki Haley said "we are trying to prod North Korea to do the right thing", adding: "We are now acting to stop it from doing the wrong thing". We are done trying to prod the regime to do the right thing. Both countries could veto any new resolution.

The statement said that the resolution also sends a grave warning to the North Korean regime that its continued reckless provocations will only end up deepening its economic isolation and diplomatic pressure.

"Compared with the original draft proposed by the U.S., the resolution was toned down, for instance by reducing oil supplies to the North by 30 percent rather than a total suspension and by excluding the North Korean leader from the sanctions", Lee said during a Cabinet meeting. And then you can see that others have watered it down, not the U.S.

"It's called negotiation. That's what we do here at the security council".

The United States is seeking a vote on a United Nations resolution which would impose the toughest-ever sanctions on North Korea.

Francois Delattre, the French envoy to the UN, referred to Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions as a "global threat" that united different countries in the Security Council. Washington says North Korea is "begging for war" by developing nuclear and rocket technology.

Central Military Commission-responsible for the development and implementation of the Workers' Party of Korea military policies, commands and controls North Korea's military, and helps direct the country's military defense industries.

Trump has vowed not to allow North Korea to possess a nuclear missile capable of hitting the United States.

So for instance, while the US wanted a total oil embargo, this resolution calls for a cap on oil exports to North Korea, cutting it, Haley says, by about 30 percent.

Pyongyang did not mention how it would take revenge on Washington, but Suh Hoon, director for South Korea's National Intelligence Service, might have given some hints last week when he said North Korea seemed to be preparing another missile test, possibly an intermediate-range or intercontinental ballistic missile aimed at a normal angle towards the northern Pacific. However, the restrictive measures failed to prevent North Korea from conducting further tests.

However, few diplomats or observers believed the punitive measures alone would force Kim Jong-un's regime to stop its nuclear and missile tests.

"I don't know if it has any impact, but certainly it was nice to get a 15 to nothing vote", Trump said Tuesday during a meeting with the Malaysian prime minister.

The U.S. options to further isolate North Korea also call for a partial naval blockade, according to the Guardian. "Chronic food insecurity, early childhood malnutrition, and nutrition insecurity are widespread in the DPRK", the report said.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. What happens next is up to North Korea. It is likely the new sanctions will pass. "Markets will continue to be on red alert".

Speaking at a disarmament conference in Geneva, North Korean Ambassador Han Tae Song said his delegation "categorically rejects the latest illegal and unlawful U.N. Security Council resolution", according to Reuters.



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