Ubisoft Announces ATOMEGA, A New Online Multiplayer FPS

Ubisoft Announces ATOMEGA, A New Online Multiplayer FPS

In something that is a massive departure from Grow Home and Grow Up, Ubisoft Reflections has announced ATOMEGA, a multiplayer FPS with a lot of cubes collecting things. The objective is to collect "mass" and this can be done by either finding it peacefully or - you guessed it - shooting and killing opponents. This is definitely one of those cases where watching a trailer helps.

Atomega is only coming to PC as of its announcement and with a low price of $9.99, its new ideas have the potential to bring in a small following. You play as an Exoform, the last lifeform in the galaxy-a relative of man and machine.

ATOMEGA: A supersized fight for fun and dominance at the end of the universe. The player with the most points at the end of the round (gained by picking up mass) wins. Competing for mass, players engage in a frantic battle for supremacy through intense 10-minute rounds, gathering up to eight players.

They sit alongside other Ubisoft projects like Child of Light and Valiant Hearts, where the French publishing giant allows small teams to do esoteric and creative releases, with some comparing these titles to those of independent developers.

It isn't that often - outside of cases like Telltale's games - that a game is announced right before it is released, but that's the case with a new title that was just revealed by Ubisoft today.



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