Typhoon Doksuri claims first life before making landfall in Vietnam

Typhoon Doksuri claims first life before making landfall in Vietnam

The man was swept away by a river following heavy rains in the area.

Doksuri also damaged over 100,000 houses, sank ten fishing ships and boats, and undermined some 1,000 hectares of vegetables and fruit trees and cash crops, the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said, noting that most of rice crop had been harvested before the typhoon made landfall at the central region on Friday.

Almost 80,000 people had been evacuated from Vietnam's densely populated coastal strip in preparation for Doksuri.

The South China Sea storm hit the north central coastal provinces from Nghe An to Quang Tri at around 10 am on Friday with wind speeds up to 135 kilometres per hour (kph), according to a weather report from Vietnam's meteorological agency. "I don't know how long it will take to recover".

In Quang Binh, some 200,000 houses had been flooded or submerged, 5,000 had lost their roofs and 20 had collapsed, Le Minh Ngan, the vice chairman of the local People's Committee, told state television. Many fishermen had dragged their small wooden boats into the streets of coastal towns to try to stop them from being carried away. Power was cut in large areas as a preventive measure.

The country's central coast, where Doksuri hit, is routinely lashed by storms, especially during tropical storm season from May to October.

The high winds prompted mass evacuations after officials had predicted it could be the "most powerful storm in a decade" to hit Vietnam.

Last year, tropical storms and flooding killed 264 people in Vietnam and caused damage worth ND40 trillion ($1.75 billion), almost five times more than in 2015.

Chief Forecasts of China's Meteorological Agency Zhang Ling said that during January-September 2017 there has been 19 times typhoon or 2.8 times more than the same period a year ago.



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