Trump, South Korean leader talk tougher North Korea sanctions

US options on North Korea effective and overwhelming Trump

Trump also says long gas lines are forming in North Korea, calling it "too bad".

Though they were not their top choices for the region, Haley and McMaster said, they were available to the President.

Mr Cui said the U.S., not China, needed to take more responsibility for the issue.

BENNETT: As President Trump in the role of statesman next week projects to the world his impression of the United Nations and his vision for American foreign policy. And he wants to slash US financial contributions to the U.N. Richard Gowan is a U.N. expert with the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Those arguments were buttressed from within Trump's administration last month when Steven Bannon concurred that America was essentially bluffing about military options, shortly before he was pushed out as the president's strategic adviser.

RICHARD GOWAN: And they will tolerate that if he balances it with some positive messages about cooperation, and especially if he emphasizes that he wants to work diplomatically on some of the major crises of the moment.

The Security Council also reiterated the importance of maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and in north-east Asia at large, and expressed its commitment to a peaceful, diplomatic and political solution to the situation, welcoming efforts by Council members, as well as other States, to facilitate a peaceful and comprehensive solution through dialogue. And right now, I don't have any more forensics on it.

"The launching drill was conducted with the aim at calming down the belligerence of the U.S. which has recently cried out for using military muscle against North Korea, and at bolstering up operation capability for attack and counterattack to counter it with swift and powerful military counteraction, examining the order to deal with nuclear warheads and confirming action procedure of actual war", said North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). A new set of United Nations sanctions that even Trump declared a "small step", extensive talks and a rhetorical two-step that leaves them where they have been for years.

Haley predicted that the US approach at the United Nations summit would be "solid" and "strong", as diplomats and top USA officials tackle global challenges. "Iran will be an issue". Syria will certainly be talked about. The president is expected to address some of those issues on Tuesday when he takes the lectern at the address world leaders. "So, having said that, I have no problem with kicking it to (Defense Secretary James) Mattis because I think he has plenty of options".



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