Trump orders widened sanctions targeting North Korean trade and cash flow

US will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea, says Trump at UN General Assembly

Trump noted that he'd signed the executive order just as China's central bank "has told their other immediately stop doing business with North Korea".

Asked by reporters what he thought of Trump calling North Korean leader Kim Jong-un "rocket man", Ri added: "I feel sorry for his aides".

In a hard-edged speech to the UN General Assembly, Trump offered a grim portrait of a world in peril, adopted a more confrontational approach to solving global challenges from Iran to Venezuela, and gave an unabashed defence of U.S. sovereignty.

National security advisor HR McMaster said the president will make the announcement as he meets with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

US President Donald Trump tells the United Nations General Assembly that Kim Jogn Un is "on a suicide mission".

He said China was imposing major banking sanctions, too, but there was no immediate confirmation from the North's most important trading partner. He later told reporters Iran doesn't expect the United States to back out of the deal either, according to Reuters.

The speech shows a sense of maturity of the Trump presidency that is increasingly reverting to the pre-Trumpian era when the USA leadership was regarded as something to respect and follow.

Iran shouldn't be clubbed with North Korea.

South Korea's inter-Korean cooperation committee on Thursday approved $8 million in humanitarian aid to North Korea, marking a resumption of support through United Nations organizations after it was ended in December 2015.

"If he was thinking he could scare us with the sound of a dog barking, that's really a dog dream", Ri, who is in NY for the United Nations General Assembly, told reporters in front of his hotel in NY.

It comes as South Korea approved a plan to send $8 million worth of aid to North Korea, while China has warned the crisis on the Korean peninsula was getting more serious by the day.

South Korea's Moon, however, found optimism in Trump's "strong speech" to the General Assembly, saying Thursday before a bilateral meeting with Trump that he believes it will help change North Korea's actions.

Trump said the China action he described "was a somewhat unexpected move and we appreciate it". President Trump did not say that the United States would strike first.

The governor of Guam Eddie Calvo says North Korea would be destroyed by the United States if it fires missiles at the U.S. territory.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Wednesday she was in "clear disagreement' with US President Donald Trump over his threat to destroy North Korea". "In that respect, the situation surrounding the North Korean nuclear issue needs to be managed stably so that tensions will not become overly intensified and accidental military clashes will not destroy peace", Moon said.



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