Tim Cook claims the $999 iPhone X is a 'value price, actually'

Apple iPhone X- value for money or just plain poo? The critics have their say

Looking at the word on the street the iPhone X could cost as much as R20 000 when it lands in South Africa though official pricing is yet to be announced. So, we've built more and more technologies into it to be able to do that.

The iPhone X is priced at $999 with 64GB of onboard storage.

Now Tim Cook has appeared on Good Morning America to insist that the iPhone X is actually GOOD value for money due to the advanced technology it contains.

It's clearly not a topic that Cook was unprepared to face, as he doubled-down on the argument that you're paying for convergence.

- anna maria (@sorianoam) September 18, 2017COOK: Well, it's a value price, actually, for the technology you're getting. Certainly, during the keynote last week, Apple execs highlighted how many formerly independent gadgets - like MP3 players and standalone cameras - the iPhone had absorbed and replaced over the years.

USA Today's Ed Baig's headline reads: "An excellent phone forced to the shadows by the iPhone X", again reiterating that this isn't Apple's most feature-rich iPhone.

After explaining that most people pay don't pay the full sum upfront and often receive carrier subsidies and trade-in discounts, Cook also suggests that whether the iPhone X is out of reach for most people is beside the point. In short, users demanded more from their smartphones and many are willing to pay for it. Back in August, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 8 with a $930 price tag. While a $1,000 phone is certainly a weighty decision for USA buyers, other Apple fans in other countries have it worse.

The interview was his first ever since the launch of the iPhone X and covered among other issues Apple's new ArKit, iOS 11 and the DACA debate in the US. During the interview, Cook also addressed one of the lingering concerns around the iPhone X. Asked whether Face ID is a security risk, he claimed Apple is "about your privacy" and stressed the company can not access any biometric authentication data.



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