Theresa May's own chancellor avoids backing her candidacy for next election

One third of voters believe the Prime Minister will be able to deliver a good deal for Brexit

In an unwelcome intervention for the Prime Minister the Chancellor has added to the speculation about her future after the disastrous snap election campaign.

Mr Hammond also did not texting Mr Johnson that he would support him being Mrs May's replacement - a scenario that did come to pass after Mrs May announced she meant to form a minority government, despite throwing away her Commons majority. Pro-Brexit Johnson has reportedly demanded a series of assurances over May's recently proposed two-year transition period after Britain leaves the European Union (EU).

British foreign minister Boris Johnson.

And amid a feud between cabinet ministers over Brexit, he denied thinking Boris Johnson is "simple minded", saying: "I don't think Boris is simple-minded on anything".

They said he had stopped Mrs May from backing the so-called "Norway option", under which Britain would have permanent access to the EU's single market in return for payment and abiding by its rules.

Appearing on the BBC's Andrew Marr show, Mr Davis said: "The policy in the Prime Minister's speech had been coming for a long time". Some of it we were designing months ago.

Some senior Conservatives believe Johnson is trying to goad May into sacking him for insubordination so that he is well positioned among Brexiters to replace her as leader when the time comes for another contest.

"I think you'll see next week at our party conference that the party is clear and unified behind Theresa May delivering us a Brexit that works for Britain, and that's going to be our primary focus over the next couple of weeks".

He dodged a series of questions on who he reckons the best person would be to take the party to the polls next time around.

He responded: "Well, I'm not going to get involved in the discussion about future Conservative party leadership politics". The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, won young voters over in large numbers during the election.



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