The Chainsmokers accused of making racist joke during interview in China

The Chainsmokers Just Laughed Over a Racist Joke About Eating Dogs in China

Another wrote, "no offense but if the chainsmokers can post a video of them making a racist joke imagine what they say behind closed doors".

The Chainsmokers are putting their tails between their legs after Alex Pall made a joke about not bringing his dog to China out of fear it could get eaten.

The interviewer asked: 'During tours, do you bring your dog along with you?'

"I try to but she's like really ill behaved", he responded to a question about bringing his furry friend on the road.

'I mean if she could come anywhere, I'd bring her.

The Chainsmokers Just Laughed Over a Racist Joke About Eating Dogs in China

The Chainsmokers have apologised for a comment made in a recent interview in China, in which the duo's Alex Pall joked that he was anxious that Chinese people might eat his dog.

Although the interviewer laughed, he looked at the camera awkwardly, he was clearly not comfortable.

The Chainsmokers actually shared video of that exchange on their official Twitter page, before realizing that it likely wasn't helping them to appeal to their Asian fans.

UPDATE: The Chainsmokers have acknowledged the backlash to their insensitive joke, tweeting out an apology accompanied by a link to the website for Stop Yulin Forever, an organization that is trying to stop the slaughter of "some 10,000 dogs" every year by the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, China.

The video was originally posted on their Twitter account but has since been taken down - an astute Twitter user saved and re-uploaded it. "We would never intentionally do anything to upset our fans and we apologize if we offended anyone".



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