Successful launch of new ballistic missile with 2000km range claimed by Iran

Iranian state television broadcast footage on Friday showing the launch of a domestically-manufactured Khorramshahr ballistic missile.

In comments on Saturday, General Hatami said that its remarkable operational range and unique features have made Khorramshahr a very agile missile.

Tonight (Saturday), Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman addressed Iran's test of its new Khorramshahr missile on Friday and said: "Imagine what will happen if Iran obtains nuclear weapons".

With such a range, the missile would be easily capable of reaching Israel and Saudi Arabia.

President Hassan Rouhani said Friday that Iran would strengthen its weapons capabilities and unveiled a new ballistic missile that can carry multiple warheads.

Retaliating to the remarks of Trump, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani, during the military parade today, said, "No one can take away the right of Iran to defend itself".

It also carried in-flight video from the nose cone of the missile, which has a range of 2,000 kilometers (1,250 miles) and can carry multiple warheads, putting Israel within striking distance.

The Trump administration then slapped fresh sanctions against Iranian entities and officials in July in response to the missile program.

US President Donald Trump, speaking at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, noted Iran was building its missile capability and accused it of exporting violence to Yemen, Syria and other parts of the Middle East.

Trump has vowed repeatedly to take a tougher line towards Iran, threatening at various time to renegotiate or dismantle the 2015 nuclear deal, and shoot Iranian boats out of the water if they provoke USA naval vessels.

Iran has unveiled its latest ballistic missile capable of reaching much of the Middle East, including Israel, while the president vowed to press ahead with its missile programme in defiance of USA demands.

We will not seek permission from anyone to defend our country.

Amirali Hajizadeh, the commander of Islamic Revolution Guard Corp, IRGC, aerospace forces has claimed that the missile can carry a warhead of up to 1,800 kilograms, or approximately 4,000 pounds.

If, as now appears increasingly likely, he decides that it is not, it could open the way for renewed USA sanctions and perhaps the collapse of the agreement.

Nothing in the nuclear agreement covers the country's missile program, Tehran has noted, claiming it is exclusively for defense.

The Iran nuclear deal was orchestrated by the Obama administration and put strains on USA relations with enemies of Iran, including Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Iran expert Sanam Vakil, an associate fellow with the UK's Chatham House, said that Rouhani was playing to both the global and domestic audience.



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