Siding with Democrats, Trump agrees to three-month debt-limit rise

Navarro Trump Is Holding Young People Under DACA 'Hostage'

They added that because Republicans are having "difficulty in finding the votes for their plan", Democrats believe their offer will give "a bipartisan path forward to ensure prompt delivery of Harvey aid as well as avoiding a default, while both sides work together to address government funding, DREAMers, and health care".

An aide briefed on the meeting said Republican leaders wanted an 18-month debt limit hike and then floated 6 months, which Democrats rejected.

It's a major development given the pressing list of tasks Congress had to take on over the next month, and the fact that President Trump sided with Democrats' desires over those of Republicans.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced the agreement Wednesday after meeting with Trump at the White House.

Just hours earlier, House Speaker Paul Ryan called the Democratic proposal "unworkable" and "ridiculous".

The House on Wednesday approved roughly $8 billion in initial emergency aid for relief and rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey, which tore into Texas on August 25.

Virginia GOP Rep. Dave Brat said he would support the combined Harvey and debt ceiling bill if it also included measures to limit government spending. Republican Senate leaders had considered combining the debt limit with emergency aid to help the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, but were vague about the length of the debt limit extension. President Donald Trump on Tuesday ended the Obama-era DACA program protecting hundreds of thousands of young people from deportation, with a six-month delay to allow Congress to approve a bill extending it.

Since their votes are needed to pass debt ceiling increases, Democrats potentially could use the next vote debt limit vote at the end of this year as leverage to win concessions on a tax reform package that Trump badly wants to advance.

Pelosi and Schumer said in their statement that "we also made it clear that we strongly believe the DREAM Act must come to the floor and pass as soon as possible and we will not rest until we get this done".

"We had a very good meeting", Trump said of his conversation earlier in the day with top Democratic and Republican leaders at the White House.



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