San Juan Mayor To Trump Admin

San Juan Mayor To Trump Admin

Thousands more Puerto Ricans have received water and rationed food as an aid bottleneck has begun to ease.

Rossello told CNN on Friday the federal government has responded to his requests and that he was in regular contact with the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, but more needed to be done.

Ramos told CNN that about 4,000 utility workers were trying to fix the power grid and 1,000 more were expected to arrive over the weekend from the USA mainland.

During this season's trio of monster hurricanes - Harvey, Irma, Maria - Trump and his administration have drifted into the perilous territory of premature self-congratulation in the face of unfolding catastrophe, seemingly unmindful of the "Brownie moment" that scarred George W. Bush's presidency.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) - who has sent some of his Senate staff to Puerto Rico to help - says the USA military needs to do even more. The waiver, the White House said, would go into effect immediately.

"People are drinking out of creeks here in San Juan", Ms. Cruz, wearing a black T-shirt that said, "Help Us, We Are Dying", told the host Anderson Cooper.

The president offered a similar assessment speaking to reporters at the White House on Friday.

"If you don't have food for a baby it's not a good news story".

Duke struck a remarkably different tone than FEMA Administrator Brock Long, who said earlier Thursday on CNN that he is "not satisfied" with the federal response.

"We're certainly bringing in more", Lieutenant General Jeffrey Buchanan told CNN on Friday, a day after he was appointed by the Pentagon to oversee the USA response.

The island's power grid is not expected to come back online for months and government officials are still working to clear roads and put shipping ports and airports back into operation to distribute resources across the island. While that measure might help speed cargo shipments, Puerto Rico is struggling to move supplies around the island once they arrive. Few buildings have generator-supplied electricity, which is dependent on scarce fuel. She also said the death toll had been low for a storm the size of Hurricane Maria.

Duke said the federal response is focusing first on restoring power to hospitals before moving to gas stations.

Cruz called on Trump to make sure the effort is being led by someone "up to the task of saving lives".

"That place was just destroyed".

The president emphasized his plan replaces "confusion with total clarity", and will mean the "vast majority of families will be able to file their taxes on a single sheet of paper".

Blumenthal called for as many as 50,000 troops to better coordinate logistics and the delivery of aid and basic necessities. It's been an unprecedented storm, it's been an unprecedented response, and the President and I have absolutely 100% confidence in what Sec.

Also as part of that effort, the USNS Comfort, a 1,000-bed hospital ship, was leaving the Virginia port of Norfolk on Friday for Puerto Rico.

"If we don't get the food and the water into people's hands what we are going to see is something close to a genocide", she said.



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