Russia-Turkey S-400 supply deal worth more than 2 billion Dollars

Berlin threatens Ankara with termination of military partnership

The newspaper said Turkey will receive 4 divisions of S-400 missile systems.

Turkey concluded a deal with Russian Federation to buy its S-400 missile defense systems, Turkish and Russian Federation media confirmed on Tuesday.

The Pentagon has already expressed concern at operation, amount of which has not yet been revealed, and has made it clear that "it is generally a good idea", that NATO allies to buy material compatible with rest of countries signatories of treaty. "We are taking and will take all our measures on the security front", Erdogan said.

On the Russian side, Vladimir Kozhin, Aide to the President Vladimir Putin And head of the Control Directorate of the Presidential Administration of Russia, said that 'such an agreement has been already signed and is being prepared for its implementation'.

This transfer, amount in which is still unknown, is Turkey's first Russian high-tech military equipment purchase, a non-NATO supplier, prompting fears of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member nations.

The Turkish-Russian contract is a new sign of better relations between the two countries since a reconciliation deal was signed previous year following the 2015 shooting down by the Turkish military of a Russian fighter jet over the Syrian border.

Turkey, a key ally in NATO, which he entered in 1952, has been away lately in united States, in particular by decision of north american country to support kurdish militias in syrian, considered "terrorist" by Ankara in fight against group Islamic State.

With the purchase, Turkey aims to guard against threats in the region, while Ankara also demands that the deal include the transfer of technology to enable the country to build its own missile defense system.



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