Renault joins United Kingdom scrappage stampede

Renault joins United Kingdom scrappage stampede

The scrappage scheme in the United Kingdom represents an extension of a scheme already in place in the company's home market of Germany, where customers can benefit from a discount of up to €10,000 if they trade in their old diesel for a new auto.

The UK offer builds on VW's scrappage scheme now in place in Germany.

Competitors in the United Kingdom, including BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and Vauxhall have already launched schemes.

Volkswagen, Renault and Kia were among the manufacturers to reveal new programmes today, following in the footsteps of carmakers such as Ford and Hyundai.

Owners are being offered various amounts of money off the latest Euro 6 petrol or diesel, plug-in hybrid, or all-electric vehicles - encouraging people to drive greener vehicles.

Karen Hilton, head of sales and operations at carwow commented: "Allowing consumers to part with with older more polluting vehicles, whilst supporting them with the cost of trading up has always been suggested as a sensible, and ultimately unavoidable approach, and whilst some schemes go further than others, this is a very positive move for United Kingdom drivers".

Toyota announced a similar scheme on Thursday, offering up to £4,000 ($5,170) off its vehicles. "Motorists can dispose of their older vehicles and have access to our cleaner, more efficient model range".

"What's more, everyone who takes up our scrappage scheme can be assured their vehicle will be disposed of in an environmentally responsible fashion that maximises recycling opportunities". Vehicles part-exchanged through the scheme will be permanently destroyed. Twingo, Twizy, Zoe and Koleos models are not included in the scheme.

Like most of the other offers already announced, Renault is offering a £2,000 allowance for any Euro 4 (or older) part-exchange vehicles against selected new Renault models. Orders must be placed by the end of September, with cars registered by January 1.

The companies agreed at the meeting to retrofit over 5 million vehicles with a software update that reduces nitrogen oxides emissions by as much as 30 percent.

Volkswagen's commercial vehicle arm offers either £1000 or £2000 off its models, although unlike the other brands, the discount can be used with existing offers, so discounts of up to £4000 can be achieved.



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