Red Cross in East preparing for Ga., Fla. evacuees from Irma

Red Cross in East preparing for Ga., Fla. evacuees from Irma

"These funds are essential to our ability to assist disaster survivors and support the first responders and volunteers who work tirelessly at the scene of a disaster".

"These are people that uproot from Maine and California and decided "I want to go held the Texan people", said spokesman Jono Anzalone".

According to the Red Cross, the training will give volunteers a disaster services overview and teach them what to expect as a volunteer in a shelter. There, he has been driving a Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle through devastated neighborhoods, handing out water and supplies to the residents returning to clean up their houses in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Ninety one members of the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps program based in Vinton have been "loaned" to the Red Cross for duty in shelters in those three southern states.

"We're talking about comparing this to events like Katrina and Hurricane Sandy and it's beyond what we consider a complex disaster", said Anzalone.

She says the new volunteers will join a team of 20 volunteers sent over the weekend to Florida and the Virgin Islands so they would be available to respond immediately to Hurricane Irma destruction. "Yet every time I turn on the TV, I see [the Red Cross] taking in millions of dollars in donations", he said during a city council meeting Wednesday (Sept. 6). The Red Cross is a not-for-profit organization that depends on volunteers and the generosity of the American public to perform its mission.

She said they have the resources ready if they need to set up more shelters.

Once the class is completed, the average deployment can last about two weeks. "And there was, you know, a lot of anxiety", Cyr says.

Meanwhile Red Cross volunteers are still helping those hammered by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, she said.

There are five classes you need to take before you can be deployed.

For those who chose to stay home and still wish to help, organizations are asking for monetary donations to the relief effort.



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