Qualcomm claims Android always beats the iPhone to new features

The specific feature is listed followed by the Android model it was first seen on.

Ahead of Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone launch, Qualcomm has laid out a list of features powered by its technology on Android phones that arrived before the iPhone. It has pioneered in making the Xperia Z4 as the first smartphone with water resistant touchscreen and Xiaomi Mi MIX as the first bezel-less phone.

As Apple gears up to introduce the new iPhones later today, Qualcomm has published a blog post reminding users how the company and its Android partners have achieved several industry firsts over the last many years. Qualcomm wants you to think about who brought it first when you watch iPhone X launch tomorrow! Apple's iPad and iPhone manufacturing partners including Compal Electronics, Foxconn Technology Group, Pegatron Crop. and Wistron Corp. have joined Apple in the fight against Qualcomm.

Iris scanning technology links to the Galaxy S8, but it actually debuted on the Galaxy Note 7.

Nonetheless, Qualcomm's efforts have surely made the Android platform and the smartphone platform on the whole a better one compared to ones that existed a few years ago.

Qualcomm says it helps "countless companies across the globe to commercialize our inventions at both speed and scale, and with a choice for consumers on price points and features". Android phones were certainly first to employ a lot of this technology.

Qualcomm has put up the list of innovations in its blog post. But Apple's response is always that it doesn't aim to be first and that it only ships features when they're up to the company's standards. But we're pretty sure it existed in other Android devices before the LG V30 (a phone that hasn't even come out).

The timing of the announcement does seem to be convenient considering Apple's Special Event is on September 12, but EE customers with the new iPhone may have to wait before they're able to take advantage of the improved speeds.



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