Prosecutors seek to revoke Martin Shkreli's bail after threatening comments

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Federal prosecutors last week said Shkreli's behavior indicated he is a "danger to the community".

Martin Shkreli's humor about Hillary Clinton - like the money investors gave the Pharma Bro - might have been lost on many people, but he said he didn't mean to encourage violence and pleaded Tuesday to stay out on bail.

A somber-looking Shkreli, wearing a purple dress shirt and a shaggy mop of hair, was taken into custody by U.S, Marshal deputies just after 6 his grim-faced legal team stood by.

In a Facebook post September 4, Shkreli promoted a conspiracy theory about the Clinton Foundation and offered money for a lock of Clinton's hair.

Prosecutors stated that, despite Shkreli's assertion the post was "satire", it led the Secret Service to expend "significant additional resources to ensure Secretary Clinton's protection". The New York Post reports a federal judge on Wednesday called Shkreli a "danger to society".

"I understand now, that some may have read my comments about Mrs. Clinton as threatening, when that was never my intention when making those comments", Shkreli wrote.

In a letter addressed to Judge Kiyo Matsumoto, Shkreli wrote that he "used poor judgment" and "never meant to cause alarm or promote any act of violence".

Shkreli's defense team told the judge they didn't condone their client's comments.

Shkreli said he showed poor judgment in the Facebook fiasco. During the campaign, Trump used "political hyperbole", Shkreli's attorneys said, when he said that his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, would abolish the Second Amendment if elected.

Shkreli, a former portfolio manager and pharmaceutical executive, was convicted on August 4 of two counts of fraud and one count of conspiracy for misrepresenting the financial state of his hedge funds to investors.

"If he had made the comments about another author who wasn't Clinton, I don't think there would be a bail revocation hearing going on here", said Bachner.

It remains to be seen how the court responds to this apology, and whether or not he will remain free before sentencing. Other jurors had heard about the bombastic Shkreli's antics with an exclusive Wu-Tang Clan album, which he bought for $2 million in auction and has since held hostage on eBay.

Shkreli, who has indicated that he will appeal his conviction, argued at trial that he ultimately made money for his investors and did not intend to defraud them.



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