Possible Link Between Flu Vaccine and Miscarriage

Experts said flu season is just around the corner. What kind of season is expected? And is it too early to get a flu shot

"Your body has to have a response to the flu shot and that response takes a couple weeks to kick in", he said. The vaccines produced afterward protected against strains of the flu that had not been targeted by vaccines before, and the number of pregnant women getting vaccinated also increased.

Flu and its complications kill thousands of Americans every year.

By comparison, of the women who had normal deliveries, four who had received the flu vaccine in the preceding 28 days had also been vaccinated during the previous flu season. The elderly, young children and pregnant women are especially at risk.

Marshfield researchers conducted a similar study among pregnant women during the 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 flu seasons, and found no association between the flu vaccine and miscarriage.

When a new "swine flu" strain emerged in 2009, it killed 56 USA pregnant women that year, according to the CDC. The researchers tried to make statistical adjustments to level out some of those differences but some researchers don't think they completely succeeded. And she says the flu shot can cause illness or even death for some people.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which funded the new study and had a presentation on the data in June 2015, posted a website update that said it "has not changed the recommendation for influenza vaccination of pregnant women".

Local schools are partnering with the McMinn County Health Department to give flu shots in schools at no out of pocket cost to families in order to decrease the impact of seasonal flu in our community.

"We only saw the link between vaccination and miscarriage if they had been vaccinated in the season before", said James Donahue, an epidemiologist and lead author. 'Not at all, ' said Poland, who also is director of vaccine research at the Mayo Clinic.

He said the earliest that results would be available is next year, the AP reported.



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