Picture Perfect! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Hold Hands at Invictus Games

John Moore  Getty Images

The couple's first public appearance together has been widely anticipated, and rumours of an engagement between the pair since their trip to Africa together have been in circulation.

As their relationship has progressed, the couple have attended more events together. Although Prince Harry has never commented on the relationship, Caroline wrote about their bond in her book Storm In a C Cup, saying she found it "exciting" when she met the Prince, and that she "really liked him". But Meghan left right after Harry's speech to the crowd. Speculation that they were serious and even headed toward an engagement has intensified.

Since the "Suits" actress, 36, told Vanity Fair the couple are "in love" in an interview published early this month, fans and the press have been eagerly awaiting an official appearance.

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He says he's made an effort to keep the focus of his coverage on the inspiring stories of athletes competing at the Invictus Games.

Her former husband, Trevor Engelson, is reportedly working on a television comedy about divorce and about sharing custody of children after the former wife marries into the British royal family. The U.S. first Lady and the British Royal sat side by side while the American actress was carefully positioned 18 seats and four rows away.

The second tournament was held in Orlando, Florida, in 2016, and the third in Toronto will see 550 competitors from 17 nations take part in 12 adaptive sports. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 45, sent fans into a frenzy on September 24 when he stepped out of a hotel with a red-headed man. It seemed to go pleasantly enough.

Poor Harry. Is he always this reserved around first ladies?

Among the performers at the opening ceremony at the Air Canada Centre on Saturday were English Soprano Laura Wright, The Tenors and Canadian singer-songwriter Alessia Cara.



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