Patty Jenkins Is Officially Back for the Wonder Woman Sequel

Gal Gadot posts 'Wonder Woman' bloopers, reveals her on-set nickname

Patty Jenkins (right) an Codnnie Nielsen on the set of Wonder Woman.

While it would have been a freakish call to have someone else direct, rumors of Patty Jenkins signing on to direct the sequel to the smash-hit of the summer, Wonder Woman, were just that - rumors.

The blooper reel clip is only 19 seconds long, but gives fans a look at the fun that took place between takes, including the famous ice cream scene, as well as the way Gadot and director Patty Jenkins managed to communicate without verbalizing. But this time around, her directing and writing fees will add up to somewhere in the $7 million to $9 million range (and have a "considerable backend"), whereas on Wonder Woman, she was paid $1 million.

And it is no doubt a welcome return for many reasons: namely, the success Wonder Woman brought the company under the tutelage of Jenkins' nuanced and capable eye.

The movie shattered the cinematic glass ceiling: its $103 million-dollar-plus opening was the biggest ever for a female-directed feature.

And lo, on Monday, Variety reported that Jenkins has officially signed on for Wonder Woman 2, which is set for a December 19, 2019 release date and will once again star Gal Gadot.

The director is more than deserving of a lucrative contract, considering the global critical and commercial success of "Wonder Woman", which soared to an worldwide haul of more than $800 million. Just like the Wonder Woman movie broke glass ceilings for superhero movies, Jenkins' deal breaks glass for women directors.



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