Paris St-Germain Caught Peeing In The Pool, Says La Liga President

Kyle Walker's £50m move to Manchester City is another that has riled La Liga chief Tebas

PSG spent a staggering £199million on landing Neymar from Barcelona at the beginning of August, though La Liga have said they would try to block the move from going through.

Later, at a media briefing, Tebas said he was mystified as to why UEFA ultimately reduced the sanctions meted out to PSG and City after apparently taking the view that both clubs had made a sufficient effort to balance the books.

The French professional football league immediately defended PSG and said only UEFA could rule on whether clubs met fairplay rules. Neymar's gone on the diving board and now he's peed.

However, a UEFA spokesperson has since revealed there will be no investigation into City's transfer business.

City are widely believed to have complied with Uefa's spending rules since 2014, thanks largely to the huge increase in broadcast revenues for all Premier League clubs. "We have nothing to hide".

The Spanish league president was speaking at the Soccerex Global Convention on Wednesday, two days after it emerged he had written to Uefa to ask for an investigation into what he described as PSG's "history of non-compliance" with FFP.

"Recently, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, before that Chelsea, they have money that has not been created [by them] and have been able to get an advantage through this".

"Manchester City with all this oil [money] will take all these players and we need to protect ourselves".

Further breaches would illicit harsher punishments, but both clubs have bullishly asserted they're complying with the rules.

Meanwhile, PSG president Nasser al-Khelaifi said PSG had nothing to hide. We paid everything in a transparent way. We welcome Uefa into our offices with great pleasure.

"If we have been crooks - and we haven't - the solution is not to say everyone can be a crook", he said, before pointing out that La Liga has relegated clubs for receiving illegal "state aid" and Barça's shirt sponsorship was at the market rate.

We carried out this study of the accounts - income streams, sponsorship, etc, etc. PSG has a lot more from sponsorship than Manchester United.

"If the Spanish clubs have received financial help from the state, directly or indirectly, they need to be punished, because that is not correct". "This is not football's market price, It's gas market price".



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