North Korea slapped with United Nations sanctions after nuclear test

Stop North Korea nuclear weapons programme before UK in range, warns Fallon

The draft resolution also bars United Nations countries from employing North Korean guest workers, who typically send nearly all their earnings home to support the Pyongyang government, strengthening a clause of last month's unanimously approved United Nations resolution that merely capped the number of North Korean workers overseas.

The United Nations Security Council on Monday unanimously approved new sanctions against North Korea in a weakened resolution that won't ban oil imports or an global asset freeze on the government or dictator Kim Jong Un, which the Trump administration had wanted.

With backing from China and Russian Federation, the council voted 15-0 to back the US-drafted sanctions resolution just one month after banning exports of coal, lead and seafood in response to North Korea's launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

Choo Mi-ae of the liberal Democratic Party said no nuclear weapon has deterred nuclear threats and urged for a diplomatic solution, News 1 reported. One thing that remained in both of these drafts is a ban on North Korean textile exports.

According to a draft version of a USA -written United Nations resolution, Pyongyang would be prohibited from importing "crude oil, condensate, refined petroleum product and natural gas liquids".

The US is calling for an oil embargo on Pyongyang, an assets freeze on leader Kim Jong-Un, but also an end to textile exports and to payments made to North Korean guest workers. The new draft resolution initially imposed a complete ban on the hiring and payment of North Korean labourers overseas. Thousands of USA soldiers are stationed in South Korea and Japan.

"If it agrees to stop its nuclear program, it can reclaim its future".

"My delegation condemns in the strongest terms, and categorically rejects, the latest illegal and unlawful UN Security Council resolution", Song said.

The International community condemned North Korea for testing the hydrogen bomb on August 27, marking the sixth time the isolated state has tested a nuclear weapon.

North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear test a week ago - and said it tested a hydrogen bomb that could be installed on a missile - sparking worldwide condemnation and calls for further action to force it to put an end to the serious crisis.

By imposing tougher restrictions, Abe said, "the worldwide community has made clear its will that North Korea must change its behavior".

Liu said relevant parties should resume negotiations "sooner rather than later".

South Korea's military said Sunday that North Korea is believed to have conducted its sixth nuclear test after it detected a strong natural disaster, hours after Pyongyang claimed that its leader has inspected a hydrogen bomb meant for a new intercontinental ballistic missile.

"We think it's a big mistake to underestimate this Russia, China initiative".

"There is a significant prize in keeping the whole of the Security Council united", he told reporters.

Ms Haley last week dismissed this proposal as "insulting".

The U.N. Security Council is set to vote this evening on a new resolution to increase pressure on North Korea.

"The forthcoming measures by DPRK will make the USA suffer the greatest pain it ever experienced in its history", he said.



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