Nintendo fixes a major problem with Switch in-game chat service

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Still, it is encouraging to see Nintendo update the app further - and there's still plenty of time until the company begins charging for its Switch online service.

The Nintendo Switch Online App allows Switch players to enhance their online gameplay experience on the Nintendo Switch by checking for game-specific services, inviting friends to play through social media, and using voice-chat while playing.

Nintendo has released an update for the Nintendo Switch Online app, allowing users to continue to use voice chat on their phone when the device is in sleep mode.

Seriously, though, it's troubling that it's taken Nintendo this long to introduce a feature that should have been there from day one. In Splatoon 2, which is the only game that now supports the feature, you'll need to create a custom online multiplayer room before you can start sending chat invites to your friends. First, voice chat will still shut down when using another app that requires the use of a microphone.

Promises for the full functionality of the Nintendo Switch Online app indicate that the full, paid version will be much better, but that doesn't erase the soreness of how half-baked this app continues to be, despite this much-needed improvement. Nintendo will livestream a Direct Presentation on Wednesday Sept. 13, at 6 p.m. EDT. My hopes aren't up, but maybe more announcements are to come.



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