New Confederates explain why they're here as Richmond braces for rally

Dandridge neo-confederate group to rally around Virginia monument

Police kept the two groups separated.

The rally will be met with a counter-protest from the North Alabama Democratic Socialists of America and the Tennessee Valley Progressive Alliance. These neo-Confederate race haters would rather ride into town waving Confederate flags and guns, breaking the laws of the city and state, than to stand down and respect the diverse people of Richmond.

About three pro-Confederate people are here. And a street preacher.

Chief Durham says it's not about taking sides but keeping those who rally and residents safe.

Richmond police are teaming up with police from within the region and State Troopers to prevent what happened in Charlotteville from reoccurring.

But pro-Confederate protesters weren't the only group of demonstrators to take to the street in Richmond on Saturday.

About 300 people gathered at the Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond to protest for, or against, the removal of Confederate statues Saturday.

"I might want everybody to know we are collaborating with police... they are here for everybody's wellbeing", Brandau said. One person was killed and 19 were injured after a man with ties to a white supremacist group rammed his vehicle into a crowd of counter protesters.

This group, which reportedly was part of the white supremacist contingent at Charlottesville's bloody protest in August, has no permit to hold a protest or rally in Richmond.

The Richmond rally began peacefully, with chants and name-calling, but no visible altercations, according to Reid. "That makes no sense".

Richmond police were well prepared for the protest, and had plans in place to keep the protestors peaceful.

September 16, 2017The woman detained earlier near the Stuart statue has been charged with disorderly conduct.

The police presence was heavy Saturday morning contrasting sharply with the law enforcement response in Charlottesville. These statues and what they represent are spurring the same sort of hatred and violence today.



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