Narcos location scout shot dead in Mexico

Narcos location scout shot dead in Mexico

Carlos Muñoz Portal traveled to that country to search for shooting locations in the state of Mexico which is located near the border with Hidalgo. The vehicle was found on an unnamed dirt road in San Bartolo Actopan, part of the municipality of Temascalapa.

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The motive behind the fatal shooting is now unclear, but Munoz was reportedly scouting locations unaccompanied and was working in an era "prone to murders".

Carlos Muñoz Portal was scouting locations for season four of the popular Netflix series when he was shot to death. More than 2,000 homicide invesitgations were opened in June 2017 - which is an increase of 40% from the year prior, and an 80% increase since 2015. Global news outlet El Pais was the first to report his death, and indicated that the compact auto in which Munoz was discovered was "on an unnamed dirt road in the community of San Bartolo Actopan, in the municipality of Temascalapa".

A graduate from the University of the Americas, Munoz has been working in the film industry for more than decade as a locations manager.

An investigation into his death is ongoing.

A spokesman for the Attorney General of the State of Mexico said there are now no witnesses.

"Narcos" mainly films in Colombia, with scenes also having been shot in Panama and the U.S.



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