Multiple Supply Choke Points To Blame For Switch Stock Situation, Says Nintendo

Nintendo's NES Classic Edition is seen in this

While it's nice to hear that Nintendo is doing all they can to manufacture more Switch units, the truth of the matter is that Super Mario Odyssey is coming and some prospective Switch owners are going to be left out in the cold come winter. While the Japanese manufacturer is making good on these promises, it is concerned that the demand might be too high for supply to keep up with. Some of this has been out of Nintendo's hands but just how much could be debated as the company is well known for its consoles being hard to get a hold of.

Fils-Aime explained that Nintendo has "dramatically increased" the supply for the company's next micro-console, and while initial pre-orders for the system sold out incredibly quickly, he assured that the matter was "outside our control", as far as the pre-orders from retailers go.

"Certainly the demand is there and the supply chain is there".

Fils-Aime also noted that he's well aware that there is going to be a large demand for the Nintendo Switch this holiday season, but warned consumers that "managing that complex supply chain is a challenge" and that it's not realistic for Nintendo to guarantee there won't be shortages. "It depends on our ability to make more", Mr Fils-Aimé said on stage at the Variety event. But Nintendo officials say there's still a good chance to get what's expected to be one of the holiday season's hottest gifts.

With 1.5 million sales under its belt, Nintendo has already bagged the accolade of fastest selling console.

This could be bollocks, with the firm perhaps looking to encourage people to rush out and buy one of the consoles, or it could be true. Once the holiday shopping season begins in earnest, the Switch is once again going to be almost impossible to find if Nintendo can't crank out enough consoles.



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