Minecraft for New Nintendo 3DS now available: get it in the eShop

New Kirby Games Detailed in Nintendo Direct Stream

Kirby's Switch adventure also has a title in Kirby: Star Allies. New information and gameplay was revealed during the recent Nintendo Direct. Also, in the trailer, there's an enormous ball of Waddle Dees falling down a hill toward Kirby, and if that doesn't make an awesome Kirby game, I don't know what does.

People have quickly fallen in love with Buff Dedede if Twitter is anything to go by.

Plus, while many things in a Nintendo Direct are coming months later or even next year, this Minecraft comes with the best possible release date, which is immediately. Europe will get the game on November 10, while North America will see the game January 19, 2018. The game will feature ten different battle modes alongside standard brawling, and will support both local and online multiplayer.

Battle Royale will feature four-player fights and a single-player story mode.

To celebrate Kirby's 25th Anniversary, Nintendo is holding a poll to crown the world's favorite copy ability.



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