McMaster: 'We Are Out of Time' With North Korea

President Trump answers questions about the violence injuries and deaths in Charlottesville in New York

US President Donald Trump will host a lunch meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Moon Jae In next Thursday in NY, a senior White House official said Friday.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has led the charge for tougher action and further sanctions against Pyongyang.

McMaster said it was unlikely that Trump would speak to Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, whom the White House has sanctioned and called a dictator.

Haley said recent sanctions have "strangled" North Korea's "economic situation", calling the impact "dramatic".

President Trump will face high stakes when he makes his debut at the United Nations on Tuesday, where he will be charged with addressing a global body that he once derided as weak and incompetent.

Trump has called for U.N. reform to bring down "out of control" costs and complained that the United States funds 22 percent of the U.N. budget and almost 30 percent of U.N. peacekeeping duties.

North Korea conducted its longest-ever test flight of a ballistic missile Friday, sending an intermediate-range weapon hurtling over USA ally Japan into the northern Pacific Ocean in a launch that signals both defiance of its rivals and a big technological advance.

The latest North Korean escalation will feature prominently when Trump heads to the United Nations General Assembly in NY for the first time next week.

Over the course of four days, beginning Monday, Trump will engage in a speed round of diplomacy that may test his patience for the notoriously factionalized, lethargic institution as well as his preference for one-on-one dealmaking.

"Multilateral fora are useful, but they're means, not ends", the official said.

After addressing the General Assembly Tuesday morning, Trump will meet with senior United Nations officials and the Emir of Qatar, a key regional ally which he has accused of backing terrorism in recent months.

"There is no shortage of issues, with North Korea being front and center", Haley said. "Iran will be an issue".

Trump's first U.N. General Assembly follows overseas visits early in his presidency to the Mideast, where he sought to bolster relations with Saudi Arabia and reignite the Mideast peace process, and to Europe, where Western allies were alarmed by the president's inconsistent commitment to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation alliance and his withdrawal from the Paris climate accords.

Trump has called the nuclear agreement between Iran and six major powers, which requires Teheran to reduce its nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief, "the worst deal ever negotiated". "His speech to the General Assembly provides a great opportunity to set the record straight".

Tensions have risen sharply with both nations since Trump took office. "And partly it's the world's most tedious cocktail party". "It isn't the way he (Trump) likes to operate".

The ambassador said she has "no problem kicking it to Gen. Mattis", the U.S. Defense Secretary, because "I think he has plenty of options".

So far, Trump has been on the golf course or his clubs during some portion of the day for almost 25 percent of his presidency.

Nevertheless, the president's schedule includes a long list of one-on-one meetings with other leaders. Neither Russian President Vladimir Putin nor Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto are expected to attend the U.N. General Assembly this year.



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