Matt Damon lives small in the trailer for sci-fi comedy Downsizing

Shrink Down and See the Downsizing Trailer

Like numerous successful films at TIFF, it also relies heavily on an excellent ensemble that includes Kristen Wiig, Christoph Waltz, and, most notably, Hong Chau.

The footage introduces a world where humans are given the option to shrink in size.

That's definitely the pattern in Downsizing, in which Matt Damon puts on his best friendly dork persona as Paul (it fits him nicely). Available to the public, it doesn't take long for people to twig the economic benefits of Downsizing, as well as the environmental implications, and Paul and his wife Audrey decide to get in on the miniaturised action. While downsizing (as the procedure is known) is presented as a solution to overpopulation, Paul is sold on the process by an already-made-small friend named Dave (Jason Sudeikis).

When you "downsize", a modest $52,000 translates to $12.5 million, which allows everyone to live like tiny kings. "We've got the best houses, best restaurants". What if we told you there would be not one, but three Cheesecake Factory locations?

Having premiered at the 74th Venice Film Festival on August 30th, Downsizing is set to be released on December 22nd.

The trailer features some gorgeous special effects, as Damon is scooped up like a beef patty post-procedure or entranced by his new Stuart Little-esque view of the suddenly much larger world. Days later, when it screened at the Telluride Film Festival, "Downsizing" received a more divided response.



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