Marine Le Pen aide Florian Philippot to quit France's Front National

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Le Pen floundered badly in the final presidential debate on the issue and ended up trailing Macron in the election run-off, garnering just 33.9 percent of the vote.

Philippot said he believed that the party's attempt to reposition itself after its disappointing performance in both the May presidential and June parliamentary elections masked "a awful backward slide" towards the FN's hardline past. "I'm not into being ridiculed".

His stock in the party was also damaged by his hardline stance against the euro currency, a position which many in the National Front blame for Le Pen's loss to Macron and for the party's third-place finish in June's parliamentary elections. Florian Philippot, one of the vice-presidents of the party, announced this Thursday morning on the plateau of France 2 that he was leaving the party. "I have never had the desire to do nothing, so of course I am quitting the National Front".

Main arm right Marine Le Pen, the tone is mounted in recent days between Florian Philippot and the leader frontiste, that he was compelled to choose between the presidency of the Patriots, and his role within the FN. He said the party is going backwards in a "terrifying" way.

Philippot however has been adamant that the party must not backdown on its quest for a Frexit and had threatened to walk away from the party if it did.

"National sovereignty is a mainstay of our struggle", she said.

While his resignation may be welcomed by many in the party who were against him, but it's another sign the National Front has still not recovered from its election hammering.

He blamed influential FN hardliners including MP Gilbert Collard; Robert Menard, the mayor of the southern town of Beziers; and Le Pen's partner Louis Aliot, also an MP, for leading a campaign against Philippot.



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