Manitobans fearful for their families trapped in Mexico City following horrifying natural disaster

Manitobans fearful for their families trapped in Mexico City following horrifying natural disaster

The natural disaster struck exactly 32 years after an 8.0 temblor killed almost 10,000 people in and around Mexico City. Worldwide teams include an urban search-and-rescue team from the Los Angeles Fire Department, known as USA-2 as well as members of Japan's Disaster Relief (JDR) Search and Rescue Team, both of which have been dispatched to Mexico City to help with recovery efforts. But she left the building and came back in when the shaking stopped.

The quake hit 18 kilometers (11 miles) southeast of the town of Matias Romero in the state of Oaxaca, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said.

The new tremor sparked concern it could have caused heavy rubble on top of survivors awaiting rescue in the capital to shift - posing a danger both to those trapped and to rescuers.

Mendez and three others were rescued Wednesday morning from the ruins of a six-story building in the city's Roma neighborhood.

In the south of Mexico City, at a flattened school where 19 children died, white wreaths were placed, testimony to the mourning of relatives and neighbours.

He continued that World Archery has committed to working with its partners to contribute to the rehabilitation and rebuilding effort of the city.

A high-ranking navy official said Thursday there is no missing child at a collapsed Mexico City school that had become a focus of rescue efforts following this week's deadly magnitude 7.1 quake, though an adult still may be alive in the rubble.

"I'm too scared to go home, I don't want to leave here and be alone, the aftershock frighten me", Tamayo said.

"We know how badly help is needed so we organized", Velasco said.

"Mexico is very prone to earthquakes", he said, "so earthquakes of this size in Mexico are not unusual".

Civil Defense chief Luis Felipe Puente sent out a tweet on Saturday saying 167 of those deaths were in Mexico City.

"Homes that were still standing just fell down", Ms Cruz said.

At a collapsed factory building closer to the city's center, giant cranes lifted huge slabs of concrete from the towering pile of rubble, like peeling layers from an onion. Video and pictures were taken by the staff of Contramar, a popular restaurant in Mexico City's Roma neighborhood - which sustained a lot of damage in the quake.

It's not immediately clear if the new quake caused damage or injury. The few Condesa residents who ventured out Friday night said they were anxious for relief from an anguishing week.

US President Donald Trump had offered search-and-rescue assistance to Mexican authorities, saying "God bless the people of Mexico City".



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