Magnitude-6.1 aftershock rocks Mexico days after deadly quake

The Ring of Fire along which 90% of the world's earthquakes occur

Earlier Saturday, Mexico's southern state of Oaxaca registered at least four earthquakes in the early hours, ranging between a magnitude of 4.1 and 5.8 on the Richter scale.

More than 400 people have been killed, and at least two died in yesterday's quake.

Saturday's emissions come shortly after three powerful quakes that together have killed more than 400 people.

Search operations for victims and survivors from the last two earthquakes were still ongoing when the Saturday tremor hit.

About 2,000 homes were damaged in the quake.

A strong new quake rocked southern Mexico on Sunday, a day after facing another deadly aftershock.

With more quake-hit buildings at risk of collapse in Mexico City, careful inspections are essential to check for structural weaknesses, particularly in the hundreds of damaged schools, said experts.

The aftershock was not as destructive as the previous tremors; however, fear is running high among Mexicans.

Two women died of heart attacks as the ground shook, the city government said.

In total, Mexico has been struck by at least four earthquakes in September. Rescuers are trying to access a part of the wreckage where they believe there may be a survivor and introduce a camera to check.

"It feels lifeless", said Mariana Aguilar, 27, a hostess at a bar and restaurant who stood waiting for guests yet to arrive.

"I think there are people (alive) there because we had oxygen, air was coming in", she said. "Being at a funeral and seeing all the pain that one minute caused has changed me".

As Mexico City's Topos "Mole" rescuers used sniffer dogs and tunnelled through rubble in a desperate search for people buried alive under tonnes of debris from Tuesday's natural disaster, one of their founders said the scale of the damage shows how the city is still unprepared to deal with major tremors.

CNN video showed rescuers walking off one vast pile of rubble to more stable ground in case any shaking shifted debris further. The nearby states of Morelos and Puebla were hit hard by the same quake.

Rescue efforts by soldiers, police and volunteers continued on Sunday at a collapsed building along the central Alvaro Obregon thoroughfare, where people are still missing.

"(Those) most affected are the people who have always been very vulnerable due to lack of education - they build outside of regulations in risky areas where it's not legal", she said. "Everytime Frida's help is needed, we show up to deal with the situation", said Arauz.



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