Macron urges lifting of Qatar embargo

The Gulf state has agreed a potential order for 24 Typhoons to be assembled by BAE

The German Chancellor expressed concern that more than 100 days had passed since the beginning of the crisis between Qatar and its neighbours without finding a solution.

Germany will continue its contacts through diplomatic channels to seek a solution to the crisis, she said, adding that it was agreed during the talks to encourage Kuwait to continue its efforts to resolve it.

"The President of the Republic has reaffirmed the will of France, which has relations of friendship and trust with all the countries involved in this crisis, to play an active role in support of Kuwaiti mediation, to ensure that a swift solution to this situation is found", said the French Presidential Palace in a statement made public after the meeting.

Separately, Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani told a joint news conference after holding talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin that, Qatar is ready to sit at the negotiating table to try to end the dispute.

In a statement released after meeting with Sheikh Tamim, Macron urged the lifting of a Saudi-led embargo on Qatar in effect since June.

"We are fighting terrorism, but we must focus on the roots and causes of terrorism".

On the first stop, the emir met Thursday night in Ankara with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who's been a major supporter of his country during the three-month-old conflict.

Qatar has rejected the demands as violations of its sovereignty.

But as the emir was in Ankara calling for dialogue, a Qatari exile held a conference in London that explored the possibility of a "bloodless coup" overthrowing the government in Doha.

The Arab states accuse Qatar of backing "terrorism", an allegation Qatar denies.

"Qatar is on way to become subservient to Iran as it allows Tehran to breach its sovereignty, control its foreign policy matters and run its domestic affairs", they said, noting that now Doha has become the mouthpiece of Tehran, and turned to be its main agent and spy in the Arab region.

In their tweets, they said the so-called "honourable" Iranian regime, which the Qatar representative had referred to, committed destructive acts what no other country in the world had done.



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