Listen To Mike Francesa Blast James Franklin Over His Late Timeout

The Huskers handed PSU its first home sweep defeat in 14 years

Wright then missed the second kick.

Of course, Penn State defended the call, because they're awful.

On Saturday, with Penn State leading, 56-0, and just a couple of seconds to play, James Franklin called a timeout before a Georgia State field goal attempt. The Nittany Lions' coach James Franklin chose to ice the kicker at the end of the game, despite Penn State having a huge lead. Let him kick the ball!...

For what it's worth, this was Franklin's explanation for the unusual timeout. "What a stooge", Francesa yelled. Still, something seems a little unsavory about icing the kicker up 56-0. Francesa said. "Let the ball go through the uprights, you jerk!"

Or at least he would have, if Franklin hadn't called timeout right before his attempt. What a bunch of garbage that is.

Franklin defended the move by saying his backup field goal-blocking unit was struggling to line up. OK.

When you're up 56 points in the fourth quarter and the other team is just trying to get some points on the board, you don't ice their kicker.

Francesa wasn't buying Franklin's answer at all.

Francesa - a pioneer of the sports radio genre - is set to leave the NY station WFAN this December after 30 years on air.

If he doesn't, there's lots of hope he goes on a few more rants like this one before he signs off for good.



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