Legislators hurry to pass nursing home laws after Irma deaths

Eight dead at Florida nursing home that lost power during Hurricane Irma

Because of what they said is the "high-profile nature" of the case and what they characterize as the center's "record of appalling conduct", the attorneys said they have reason to believe that the evidence in the defendant's possession may be destroyed, withheld or altered, according to the court document.

City officials said eight others died.

Police, assisted in their investigation by state and federal regulators, have said little about circumstances leading to the deaths of the patients ranging in age from 71 to 99.

The state's nursing home association said it tirelessly advocated help for its members before and after the storm.

"We are devastated by these losses". Donnie, whose coaching career has taken him from Pinellas County to the Power Five, is safeties coach at IL.

The woman with the camera then goes out into the hallway, where a naked woman who appears to be sleeping or unconscious is slouched on a gurney.

"CBS This Morning" called the nursing home multiple times for comment but got no answer.

In all, 141 patients were evacuated from the facility. The first occurred Tuesday at the facility; that individual had a "do not resuscitate" order and the deceased was transferred to a funeral home, but authorities have now retrieved the body.

"That's another question for the state agencies that regulate these nursing homes".

By Tuesday, relatives of residents say the halls were sweltering, and local authorities and Florida Power and Light say they had been contacted by then, but administrators did not call for an evacuation. The state health care agency listed the center as among the lowest-ranked 20 percent of all nursing homes in Broward County.

Most of the deceased were treated for respiratory distress, dehydration and heat-related issues, officials said.

Eight dead at Florida nursing home that lost power during Hurricane Irma

Paulburn Bogle, a member of the housekeeping staff, said the place had been hot but manageable the past few days.

The center where eight people died released a timeline of calls to state officials asking for help.

"It's a sad state of affairs", the police chief said. As of 2016, Florida had about 680 nursing homes. In both instances, the nursing home corrected these deficiencies. That backup power must be able to keep temperatures in a safe range for nursing home residents and whatever provisions are stored there, according to more recent regulations that must be implemented by November 2017.

Hollywood police carried out a search warrant of the Hollywood Hills home as the criminal investigation into this tragedy moves forward. "At what point is it enough?" said Hollywood, Florida, Mayor Josh Levy.

The home said in a statement that the hurricane had knocked out a transformer that powered the AC. The power generator was working, and the staff stocked up on seven days' worth of food and water. But the assistance never came until after the patients had been evacuated Wednesday morning. On the tarmac of the Fort Myers airport, he encouraged the state's governor, Republican Rick Scott, to challenge Florida's Democratic senator when his term expires.

Leighton said the facility didn't spend what was needed to guarantee residents' safety. "She opened her mom's windows, and she said, 'Mom, it's going to be OK'". "There are not as many beds and facilities available as there are people with needs". "What happened at this facility, I believe in my heart of hearts is a multitude of failures that we need to look at", she said.

"People are telling me different things", she said Wednesday evening.

Inspectors also said they didn't see a clean, well-supplied facility, noting peeling paint, chipped and scratched doors and floors and furniture in disrepair.

"She was sitting in front of a blower, and she nearly cried", Johnson said of Hibbard. "When we approach her she wasn't really crying but tears were kind of coming, she says 'I can't breathe, I can't breathe Jean, '" Johnson said. The staff used fans, put cold towels and ice on patients and gave them cold drinks, he said.

Veroy's father had a 102-degree temperature, she said.



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