Korea to Deploy 4 Additional THAAD Launchers Thursday

A U.S. cargo helicopter carries supplies to the Thaad battery site in Seongju County North Gyeongsang on Monday

South Korea said yesterday that it would temporarily deploy the four remaining launchers for the system after the completion of an environmental assessment by the government.

Geng urged South Korea and the U.S. to stop the deployment of THAAD, adding that its powerful radar could probe Chinese territory and therefore undermine the country's security.

In April, 396 people filed an administrative suit against the provision of a former golf course in Seongju County, North Gyeongsang Province, to U.S. Forces Korea, claiming that it is a violation of the law on state-owned land.

A Thaad battery is made up of six mobile launchers, 48 interceptors, AN/TPY-2 radar and the fire and control unit. "It is a trick for the police to drive us out of our rally site just a few hours after we received the notification", said a resident who identified himself as a 30-year-old surnamed Lee.

South Korean President Moon Jae In had also initially opposed the defence system, delaying the deployment pending an environmental review in an attempt to mend ties with China while seeking talks with the North.

South Korea's Defense Ministry announced on September 7 that the deployment of a THAAD missile defense system has been completed.

On Sunday, North Korea carried out its sixth and most powerful nuclear test in further defiance against worldwide pressure over its nuclear and missile programs.

CHINA has demanded an immediate stop to deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system in South Korea.

The deployment "does not help addressing the security concerns of relevant countries", Geng Shuang, a spokesman for China's foreign ministry, said on Wednesday.



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