Kid Rock Fires Back at Critics, Stresses 'I Love Black People'

Musician Kid Rock Performs at a Mitt Romney Rally

From there, Rock moved on to attacking single parents (after noting that the issue of struggling single parents is an issue close to his heart), saying "Read my lips, we should not support these women who can't even take care of themselves, but keep having kid after fucking kid!" He featured the flag in his concerts from 2001 to 2011 and stopped doing so after receiving an NAACP award.

In a blistering essay shared on the musician's on Facebook page, Kid Rock - who has indicated a possible run for the Michigan Senate - advised his followers to pay zero attention to the "garbage" that the "extreme left" is generating.

The liberal media are not waiting for Kid Rock to formally announce his candidacy before trying to smear him as a racist.

Critics have called Kid Rock's performance a "middle finger" to Detroit, pointing to the fact that the city is 80% black, and Kid Rock has trafficked in performance stunts that could be viewed as an affront to African-American culture.

"I am the bonified [sic] KING OF DETROIT LOVE", Kid Rock boasted, "and it makes me smile down deep that you haters know that!"

Gov. Mitt Romney Greets Kid Rock

He also doubles down on his criticism of football player Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee during the national anthem. Per the Detroit Free Press, several groups have criticized the choice to have Kid Rock, a white performer, open the arena in a predominantly black city, especially since Rock has been an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump, has displayed the Confederate flag in performances, and has criticized Colin Kaepernick's decision not to stand during the National Anthem in protest of racism in America. In another late postscript, he adds, "P.P.P.P.P.S. Pretty amusing how scared I have them all and their only agenda is to try and label people / me racist who do not agree or cower to them!" wrote Ritchie, who lives in Clarkston. Now, again, Kid Rock has not decided whether or not he will run, but if he does, he's already halfway there.

Civil rights groups, such as Al Sharpton's National Action Network, have stated they plan to stage protests outside the arena during Rock's performances, the first of which is Tuesday night.

"While I can't control what any artist does or says, I can guide our businesses to continue bringing life-changing opportunities to people in our community".

A week prior to Illitch's statement, it had been announced that Kid Rock wasn't just opening the stadium with six shows, but that he'd be a permanent fixture there.

After addressing "ghetto glorifiers and gangster wannabes" and stating his intention to "lock up all you fuckin' assholes and throw away the key", Kid Rock then addressed the idea that he may be racist.



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