Jennifer Lopez Donates $1 Million to Puerto Rico Following Hurricane

Jennifer Lopez Donates $1 Million to Puerto Rico Following Hurricane

Our island of Puerto Rico has been hit by the two most devastating hurricanes we've ever seen, Irma and Maria. Proceeds will come from her Las Vegas shows, The Hollywood Reporter stated.

In Puerto Rico, more than 3.3 million people-who are also USA citizens-are still without power, electricity, cellphone service, and, in many cases, the bare necessities for survival after Hurricane Maria pummeled the island almost a week ago.

Lopez is also working with her ex-husband Marc Anthony to help mobilise more than 30 athletes and artists to provide aid to the Caribbean area and Mexico, where a deadly quake hit Mexico City this week (ends24Sep17).

"Very scary, it's so devastated what's going on there right now", Yvette Vega said. "Me and my cousins have not been able to hear from family down there".

Millions in Puerto Rico continue to suffer from the devastation of Hurricane Maria and now the effects are being felt here in the Capital Region. The drive asks New Yorkers to make donations of goods, services and funds.

"We are working day and night to identify the needs", Lopez said. If the aid response is not swift, the situation in Puerto Rico has all the makings of a major humanitarian crisis.

Earlier this year, Jennifer Lopez confirmed that she has collaborated with Drake on new music.

"Donations that are being asked for are needed for immediate humanitarian help, but our voices and our political actions are also needed to produce USA federal action that resolves the financial crisis in such a way that Puerto Rico can indeed, realistically rebuild", he said.

A number of medical manufactures based in Puerto Rico have responded to the impact and damage caused by hurricane Maria.

"The devastation in Puerto Rico has set us back almost 20 to 30 years", Puerto Rico Resident Commissioner Jenniffer Gonzalez said.

Puerto Rico will nearly certainly need recovery money from the federal government, likely requiring additional disaster relief appropriations.



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