Japanese princess to Wednesday to college love next year

Princess Mako of Japan will leave royal family to marry university boyfriend

This could spell trouble to the royal bloodline given Japan's existing laws which only permits men in retaining their royal title after marrying a commoner. During a press conference, #Princess Mako stated that Komuro won her heart with his sincerity and bright smiles.

During a press conference after the engagement announcement, Mako gave an adorable statement: "First, I was attracted by his bright smile", she shared of her fiancé. On the other hand, the 25-year-old law firm employee likened Princess Mako to the moon that "has been quietly watching over me".

Japan's Princess Mako has announced she is to reliquish her royal status to marry a commoner.

They first met while attending college at Tokyo's International Christian University and started developing a close friendship back in 2012. While the pair went to different countries overseas to pursue their studies, they still kept their long distance relationship alive.

The couple had a long-distance relationship while studying overseas - Mako in Britain and Komuro in the US - for one year. Following this courting period, Komuro proposed to the Japanese princess in December 2013 after dinner.

When she's no longer a princess, Mako will continue her work as a museum researcher while pursuing her doctorate.

Details of their wedding have not been decided, and palace officials say the ceremony is expected sometime around autumn next year after a series of rituals, including one that authorizes the engagement.

Mako's 83-year-old grandfather, Emperor Akihito, is expected to abdicate in late 2018.

The engagement raises the issue of Japan's shrinking Imperial family. Princess Mako's father is the second in line to inherit the Chrysanthemum throne.

Crown Prince Naruhito will replace Emperor Akihito next year as Japan's 126th Emperor.

Prince Hisahito, Emperor Akihoto's grandson who is third in line to the Japanese imperial throne, turned 11 on Wednesday.



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