Israel conducts largest military drill in 20 years

Israel Army stages mock war against Hezbollah biggest exercise in 20yrs

A military spokesperson said the exercise, which will involve thousands of ground, sea, and air forces, is aiming at "preserving the current stability in the northern sector".

The exercise, which will last for ten days, will incorporate the Zionist entity's multi-layered missile defense systems, Ynet added. Soldiers playing the role of the enemy will don Hezbollah's signature yellow and green flag and guerilla-style uniforms as well as fake weapons and explosive vests.

The army will also set up two field hospitals and test unmanned trucks and helicopters to evacuate casualties.

Both the Shia Lebanese militant organisation and its allies in Iran have sworn the destruction of Israel.

The Iranian-backed Hezbollah said the IDF military drill, slated to run until September 14th, is due to its "military capabilities".

The IDF will also practice an attack on Lebanon and the evacuation of Israeli towns by the border in preparation for heavy missile attacks.

That scenario will specifically include "terrorists" entering moshav Shavei Tzion, 15km from the Lebanese border, while "Hezbollah" stages an attack by Gesher Benot Yaakov in the Golan Heights.

Russian Federation reportedly threatened to use its veto at the United Nations last week if the Lebanon-based terror organization Hezbollah, its ally in the Syrian civil war, was named in a Security Council resolution to renew the mandate of peacekeeping forces in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has frequently boasted of how the group has replenished and expanded its arsenal since the last round of conflict, as well as how its 40,000 guerilla fighters have evolved into skilled combatants thanks to battlefield experience in Syria.

According to the Israeli war ministry, the 10-day drills, the largest the Tel Aviv regime has held in nearly 20 years, are scheduled to kick off on Tuesday.



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