Iranian president calls Trump's United Nations speech 'ignorant, absurd and hateful rhetoric'

President Trump joins other global leaders at the United Nations headquarters in New York City

The White House said last month Iran was complying with the deal, but Mr Trump has said the country is violating its spirit.

He said the deal, which was adopted by the Security Council, was "overwhelmingly applauded by the worldwide community". Iran, he said, would "not be the first" to violate the deal.

"They were told clearly and definitively (by us) that the nuclear deal can not be renegotiated", he told a press conference in Tehran broadcast live on state television after his return from the U.N. General Assembly. During his speech, Netanyahu vowed to fight an "Iranian curtain" descending on the Middle East, pledging to prevent Tehran from ever establishing a permanent foothold in Syria.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said there was no question of reopening negotiations, a day after Trump called the accord an "embarrassment".

In his address, Trump said that North Korea "kidnapped a sweet 13-year-old Japanese girl from a beach in her own country to enslave her as a language tutor for North Korea's spies". "But we don't tolerate threats by anyone", he said.

Rouhani's predecessors and Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, have said they regard the entirety of Israel as illegitimate.

In criticizing North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, Trump said, "Rocket man is on a suicide mission", and warned that the USA may be forced to "totally destroy" the rogue nation.

Rouhani, speaking Wednesday, derided the tough talk about his country delivered a day earlier by President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the launch of this year's General Assembly in NY.

Iran will not be the first to violate its worldwide nuclear agreement but will "respond decisively and resolutely to its violation by any party", Rowhani told the UN. "The world will have lost a great opportunity", he said.

Rouhani, whose government still fends off criticism from Iranian hardliners opposed to the plan, cast it as a template for global peace deals.

"But at the same time, we're not going to run scared. The sunset provision simply is not a sensible way forward", he told Fox News on September 19.

"You'll see very soon", Trump said. This was part of the deal, and we're not up for renegotiating.

At a press conference later Wednesday, Rowhani said that if the USA breaks the agreement, then Iran will be "free to act as it chooses". He later told reporters that he had decided what to do about the agreement but would not reveal what he had decided. That's a job for the International Atomic Energy Agency, "with its technical independent role" to verify that Iran is sticking to the agreement.



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