Iran to Improve Ballistic Missile Capacity 'Whether You Like it or Not'

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley attends the daily briefing at the White House in Washington U.S

Trump said Wednesday he has made a decision on whether he will certify to Congress by an October 15 deadline that Iran is complying with the nuclear deal, as he already has done twice this year.

Addressing the United Nations assembly a day after Trump appeared on the same podium to attack Iran, Rouhani warned the fate of the deal can not be decided by "one or two countries".

On Wednesday, Trump told reporters that he had reached a decision, but did not elaborate.

"The deal is fundamentally flawed. So we have taken a holistic look at this", he said.

Iranian state television showed footage of the firing of "Khoramshahr missile" but did not specify if the test-fire happened on Friday or in the past. Iran said it did not expect Washington to abandon it.

Speaking to press after the meeting, Tillerson said that the United States is not disputing that Iran is in "technical compliance" with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal that was agreed upon in 2015.

The foreign minister said he accepted the USA position that Iran's behaviour in the Middle East had not improved since the deal - but added there was no hope of it changing its ways if the accord fell.

"Now we will all try to convince the Americans in the remaining weeks... that calling the agreement into question will not increase security", Gabriel told reporters in NY.

President Hassan Rouhani addressed the parade in Tehran, saying Iran would not halt its missile programme and would continue to boost military capabilities.

Zarif that if the United States walked away from the accord as Trump threatened, "Who would come and listen to you anymore?"

"I proposed that we initiate the work of a contact group at P5 level [Britain, China, Germany, France, Russia], which has been done, and we will widen it to represent the political forces in Syria and the regional powers without Iran", Macron said.

Federica Mogherini said all parties to the landmark 2015 accord between Iran and world powers were complying with the agreement that provides for sanctions relief in exchange for curbs on Tehran's nuclear program.

McMaster Thursday also commented on the CNN report about Trump's warning that the United States would be forced to "totally destroy" North Korea if attacked, calling the threat "completely appropriate".

"By violating its worldwide commitments the new USA administration only destroys its own credibility".



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