Iran leader Khamenei warns against United States 'wrong move' on nuclear deal

Iran leader Khamenei warns against US 'wrong move' on nuclear deal

"It's a deal that should not have ever been made".

Iran leader Khamenei warns against U.S. "Every wrong step by the aggressive regime [the US] regarding the nuclear deal will be met with a response from the Islamic Republic". "You'll see what I'm going to be doing very shortly in October", Trump said in regard to the October 15 announcement.

Khamenei noted that "the Iranian nation is standing firmly, and any wrong move by the hegemonic system concerning the JCPOA would receive the Islamic republic's reaction", Tasnim news agency reported.

On regional issues, he noted that the reasons behind insecurity in the Middle East can be traced to the "wicked and mischievous interventions" by the US.

Trump is expected to recertify Iran's compliance to the deal before October 15 as required by the US law.

The U.S. administration has frequently charged that Tehran breaks the "spirit" of the deal by continuing to test-launch ballistic missiles and rockets capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

President Hassan Rohani left on September 17 for the UN General Assembly in NY, where he is expected to hold talks on the nuclear deal.

"The opponents of the JCPOA are restricted to two or three countries, including some in the United States, who feel cheated".

On Saturday, Rouhani urged the European Union to press the United States to abide by its commitments to the nuclear deal reached in 2015, Tehran Times daily reported.

The European Union has said even if Trump withdraws the USA from the JCPOA it will remain in the deal. The Iranian nation stands strong.

"It is not an agreement between two countries - it is a commitment undertaken by the entire worldwide community on one side and Iran on the other, supported by a resolution of the UN Security Council", she said.

His comments came as Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani warned the USA that revoking the 2015 nuclear deal will harm Washington primarily as Iran has the ability to revive its previous nuclear capabilities in a short time period.



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