Iran defies USA, tests new missile

Hassan Rouhani President of Iran addresses the 72nd UN General Assembly

The particular move was obviously a one on one challenge to the US Leader Donald Trump, whom around August finalized a bill imposing compulsory fees and penalties upon individuals involved with Iran's ballistic missile program in addition to anybody who does any business with people active in the program.

Donald Trump has accused Iran of working with with North Korea.

Noting that the world is now aware that the USA is not trustworthy anymore and doesn't abide by any worldwide agreement, he said, "Trump doesn't know what he wants from the nuclear deal and might be seeking an opportunity to earn something in between".

The test-firing of the Khorramshar missile announced on state media on Saturday (September 23). The new missile represents a leap forward in Iranian missile technology that puts the state of Israel right in the crosshairs.

Mark Fitzpatrick, executive director of the Institute for Internal Strategic Studies-Americas, sad that Iran has a missile, that can reach can reach Israel.

"They were told clearly and definitively that the nuclear deal can not be renegotiated", he told a press conference in Tehran on Thursday broadcast live on state television after his return from the NY event.

Despite the U.S. opposition to the deal, all other partners support the UN-endorsed agreement.

President Hassan Rouhani said Friday that Iran would strengthen its weapons capabilities and unveiled a new ballistic missile that can carry multiple warheads.

Despite global condemnation, Iran's defense minister stated Tehran would not abandon its missile program.

In his opening remarks to the summit, Lieberman praised the Trump administration for their actions so far on Iran, including the introduction of non-nuclear sanctions against the rogue state.

Speaking to Iran's state broadcaster after the meeting, Mr Zarif said all "members, except one country, stressed the importance of fully observing the (deal), its being non-negotiable and that all sides should remain committed to this worldwide achievement".

But tensions between the two arch-foes, Tehran and Washington, have reached new heights since January, when Trump replaced Barack Obama, one of the deal's main architects.

On Sept. 18, Trump blasted the JCPOA during a speech before the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

He said that would mean Iran would retake possession of the stockpile of nuclear fuel it shipped to Russian Federation when the accord took effect. But the extended sanctions was important because, if the nuclear-related sanctions are imposed again then Iran will break the deal and start enhancing its Uranium content rapidly.

But Trump has said before that Iran is not complying with the "spirit" of the agreement, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said Iran is "clearly in default of the expectations" of the deal.



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