Instagram now lets you share Stories in direct messages

Image Thomas Trutschel

The stories which you share with your friends will directly go to the Inbox.

Select a story from the upper stories area which you like to share with your friends in a direct message.

Instagram also says businesses will now be able to upload the media they used for organic Instagram Stories and save them for use in future ad campaigns through the Power Editor and Ads Manager.

Business Insider reports Facebook is extending its multi-format Canvas ad tool to include Instagram Stories. If your profile is public, anyone can view or share your stories.

Facebook also announced on Tuesday that it will now allow for stories to be sent through Instagram DMs. In your Stories Settings, you will find a feature to turn off this option. Nothing changes for those who have a Private account as their stories will only be visible to their followers through Direct messages. To check first, make sure your app is up to date and you're using the latest version of the app. Adapting Facebook ads as brand Instagram stories risks diminishing the in-the-moment quality that's made the feature such a success. If you don't see the user you want to share the story with in the list provided you can also search their user name in the search bar.

In April, an update to Instagram consolidated direct messages with videos and photos that disappear to make it easier for friends to communicate through the app.

Once you select the profile or group, you could see Send button at the bottom of the page in blue color. Instagram's also revealed that over 50 percent of its business users regularly create Stories, even though there's previously been no direct way to monetise them. The feature will definitely help people to see what they liked in a recent time.



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