Increased Seismic Activity at Bali's Mount Agung Volcano Raises Alert

Indonesia earthquake

Following increase of earthquakes and fumarolic activity in the crater, Indonesia's volcano monitoring agency PVMBG raised the alert level of the volcano, first to 2 on 14 Sep and to 3, the second highest on the 1-4 scale, a few days ago.

Gunung Agung volcano in Karang Asem district has showed a rise in seismic activity recently, prompting the country's volcanology agency to increase its alert status to the second highest level on Monday night, with extension of risky zone to 7.5 km in the north, south, southeast and southwest of the volcano, according to head of mitigation department of the agency Devy Kamil Syahbana.

Indonesia, an archipelagic nation with over 17,500 islands, has a total of 129 active volcanoes.

The volcano, about 72 kilometres from Kuta, is a popular tourist destination and hiking spot.

A spokesperson for the National Disaster Management Agency said on Tuesday harmonic tremors continued to increase around the volcano, WA Today reported.

The last time Mount Agung erupted was in 1963 and killed more than one thousand people.

"We raised the alert status because there has been a hike in seismic activity". "There is no cancellation or volcanic ash", a spokesman said.

Bali's Governor tried to reassure anxious locals that all measures were in place to cope with a possible eruption.

"This is a natural disaster, we cannot avoid it, we can't stop it exploding but we can reduce the number of victims and losses".

"If you have to evacuate, you evacuate".

Bali's Governor, I Made Mangku Pastika, has urged people to remain calm, saying their is an emergency plan of action in place.



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